A student used sticky notes to snag an internship with a tech company

Gursimran Singh spelled out the words "HIRE ME," hoping to catch the attention of somebody at NCR. (Gursimran Singh)

Internship application processes can be grueling, but one student found a unique way to expedite the process.

Gursimran Singh, a second-year computer science student at Georgia Tech, lives directly across from the offices of the Fortune 500 tech company NCR in Atlanta. In fact, he can see many of the company’s offices and conference spaces from his window.

Realizing this, Singh spelled out “HIRE ME” across the windows of his apartment using sticky notes. He added a smiley face, too, just to set the tone.

The next morning, a friend knocked on Singh’s door and told him to look out his window. He was shocked to see that somebody in the NCR building had written, “EMAIL?” across their window in their own sticky note message.

Later, another sticky note message appeared in the NCR windows asking, “DEV?,” asking Singh whether he is a developer.

“I never expected them to continue the conversation, but they did, so it was pretty amazing for me,” he told CNN.

Of course, Singh filled his windows with sticky notes as he spelled out his email.

“I spent a lot on sticky notes, but it looked pretty cool,” Singh said in a Georgia Tech news release.

Soon, he had received a few emails from NCR employees asking for his resume and offering to forward it to hiring managers or give tips.

He was even emailed by NCR’s vice president of IT and eventually secured a summer internship interview, says the news release.

He got the job, but not like you might think

In a peculiar twist of fate, Singh recently participated in Georgia Tech’s annual HackGT hackathon event, in which NCR was a sponsor.

Singh and his team won the competition using NCR technology. The prize? A direct internship offer from NCR for the summer of 2020.

Singh says he plans to accept the offer and hopes to one day secure a position as a software engineer working with biomedical robotics.

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