How to get the most money back when selling to consignment stores

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BELLINGHAM, Wash., - Sell clothes and accessories for extra cash or shop consignment store deals.

There's plenty to explore when it comes to resale and Kimberly Hoctor, owner of Posh Upscale Resale, shares her tips to help get items accepted quicker. It's worth noting that while these tips might seem like more work, Hoctor believes this is what will make the consigning process worthwhile.

Posh Upscale Resale's Tips to Consigning

  • Call the consignment shop and see what items they're currently buying. For example, Posh Upscale Resale focuses on seasonal pieces and are currently purchasing items for fall and winter.
    • If you have off season items, you might consider hanging on to those pieces until the appropriate season to get the most money in return.
    • See if there are specific items that the shop needs (e.g. XL sweaters, Eileen Fisher, etc.)
    • Please don't fret if your item is not accepted right now. It might be that the shop has too much of that certain item (e.g. too many black pants in XS)
  • Clear out your closet of gently loved clothing, shoes, and accessories.
    • Make sure you are ready to let items go if they don't "spark joy."
  • Freshly launder and/or dry clean clothing
    • For purses: Clean out and vacuum them if you can or simply shake out the lining.
    • Shoes: Wipe down the interior soles of the shoes and make sure they're free of dust.
  • Make sure clothing items are pressed/ironed -
    • Sellers might get outright denied if items are wrinkled. The store simply doesn't have the time or resources to do this for you.
  • Bring items in on hangers.
    • Posh Upscale Resale returns hangers immediately if the item is accepted.
  • Bring in items that are current (usually within the last 4 years); vintage is on a case-by-case basis
  • Ask what payout terms are.
    • Most consignment shops offer a 60/40 split meaning if they buy things out-right, you may only get 20-30% of what it will sell for.
    • Additionally, ask if you get a higher percentage if you sign up for store credit. (Posh Upscale Resale offers an extra 10% for in-store credit.)
  • Ask what the time terms are
    • For example, Posh Upscale Resale offers a 90-day term; additionally if items have not sold, consignors have the option to get back their unsold items or have them donated.
  • If you need an item authenticated, there are services that most shops can offer for a fee, or you can find your own authentication service that will give you a certificate of authenticity that will help prove your Louis Vuitton is Louis and not a phony.

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