Volunteers Wanted to Hike with a Malamute

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Puyallup, Wash., - Malamutes who, through no fault of their own, find themselves without a home are being rescued and rehabilitated by the Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League. The 100% volunteer-run, 501c.3 non-profit organization has been working in animal rescue for over 20 years serving both Washington and Oregon. The need for volunteers is endless and they've created the Hike with a Malamute program to provide a unique experience for both humans and dogs.

Volunteers are welcome to take the rescue's animals for a day-long adventure. Go hiking or walking or any dog-centric adventure after completing their volunteer dog walking and socialization program. The program is free. WAMAL is also welcoming new volunteers to its pack that can help with transport, dog evaluations and potential home visits as well as fundraising assistance and breed education events.

More from WAMAL on the work they do:

Dog rescue is an emotional roller coaster.  We see the worst—and the best.  Take Kota, a beautiful snowy white Mal. She had been living alone in a garage for 6 months after her family moved and left her there, once in while returning to feed her.  She was found by animal control, emaciated and filthy.  Kota was housed in a foster home where she was able to regain her strength and it wasn’t long before her foster family fell in love and adopted her! Kota is now one of our Ambassadogs—well socialized dogs that go to events so people can get a hands-on experience with these gorgeous dogs!

In another case, we were contacted by a rural animal shelter who had received a Mal with terrible skin lesions and scaling, the result of an out of control skin infection, neglect and malnutrition.  Poor Lulu was practically bald and in pain.  She received veterinary care and was transported to a foster home where they immediately began the treatment protocol of frequent bathing, topical ointments and nutrient supplementation.  Even tho Lulu had been so neglected, she had a heart of gold and a loving disposition and charmed everyone she met.  Her hair began to grow back, her body becoming strong and energetic.  After her treatments ended, Lulu was adopted quickly and is now enjoying the good life with her new family!

More on Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League can be found on their website as well as Facebook and Instagram pages.

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