Help ID crook seen cashing checks stolen from identity theft victim’s storage unit

Storage unit thefts are a problem everywhere and the crooks who cash-in on good, hardworking people storing their stuff just makes me so mad.

Depending on the level of security a storage facility has — they’re prime targets for thieves — and a woman in Mountlake Terrace knows this painfully too well. She’s going through financial hell after crooks stole checks from her storage unit and turned her into an identity theft victim – but Mountlake Terrace Police hope you can help give her some justice — by identifying a crook who cashed one of her checks on May 30th.

“He comes in the first time and this is at the Money Tree in Everett and he does cash a check for $1,000 and the gets the money and walks out great. He comes back the next day and tries to cash a check for $2,500 and it just takes a little bit longer and he gets spooked and he just walks out at that point,” said Mountlake Terrace Police Det. Pat Hatchel. “He’s got some tattoos on his right arm, I can’t quite figure out what they are, but they’re pretty unique and they’re on his upper forearm, and he’s driving a white truck that appears to may be a 1990, maybe early 2000’s type of pickup truck. I think that whoever got the checks probably sold them, or traded them, maybe for drugs and then someone else is sending people out and a lot of times what they’ll do is they’ll send someone out with this check and they will get a percentage of the money and that’s how they do that. They provide the check, the name and often the fake ID. An ID was used on this one and it’s not the person whose name is on there, they got a fake ID in someone else’s name.”

Detective Hatchel says several of the victim's stolen checks were cashed for thousands of dollars, but you can't put a price on the hardship she's still enduring. "The amount of problems that they've caused this poor victim is indescribable. I mean, she's been battling with this, because as you can imagine she's getting bounced checks back from the bank, all over and you have to prove it's not you and it's just, I feel bad for her, I'd like to catch this person, because they're going to do it to somebody else, they absolutely will and they probably already have.”

So, take a good look at this guy, the tattoos on his right forearm and the white truck he drove to the Money Tree in Everett in late May.

If you know his name, or have any information that can help identify him, use the P3 Tips App on your smart phone to submit the information to Crime Stoppers, or call the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477). It's anonymous and you'll get a cash reward of up to $1,000 if your tips help lead to his arrest.

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