Summertime might mean extra insurance coverage

boating season

SEATTLE — With warmer temperatures, people are bringing out all their gear for summer fun.

PEMCO Insurance has this list of summertime toys that need special insurance.

  • Boat
  • Jet skis
  • Golf cats
  • ATV
  • Swimming pools
  • Trampolines

For boats and jet skis coverage is very limited through homeowner’s insurance. Horsepower, length and the type of boat matter.

For golf carts, it depends on the type of golf cart you are using and where you drive it.

ATV policies are often cheaper than motorcycle insurance. Most people are surprised to find out those require their own policy.

Trampolines and swimming pools have a high risk of injury and you could be sued by someone who gets hurt on your property. Before a company will insure a pool or trampoline, they might ask you to put in safety features like a tall fence with locking gate or a safety net around the trampoline.

The experts at PEMCO Insurance recommend asking your insurance agent about adding extra liability coverage like an umbrella policy.

“It acts as an umbrella over the policies you have, so your car, your home, your boat those summer time toys,” said Erin Gross, an Agency Manager at PEMCO Insurance. “It can add additional protection for you and the great news is, it’s typically less expensive than folks think.”

An umbrella policy adds $1 million or more in extra coverage.

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