Forecast: Cloudy days and cooler than normal temperatures all week long

SEATTLE -- This week will be pleasant but not hot.

Monday looks nice with a high near 74 degrees. Tuesday will be mostly cloudy with a little rain in the morning but don’t expect much as our long dry spell continues. Tuesday afternoon will be pleasant with a high near 67 degrees.

Wednesday looks mostly cloudy with a high near 66 degrees.

Thursday will be cloudy with a high near 66 degrees, cooler than normal and WAY cooler than last week.

It's an appropriate way to end spring as summer starts Friday morning.

The solstice is at 8:54 a.m. Friday. That means for the next two weeks our days are about 16 hours long and our nights are about eight hours long. It's pretty amazing if you think about it: We gain/lose eight hours of light every six months.

The first weekend of summer looks pleasant with highs near 70 degrees.

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