Doctors pen letter insisting legal marijuana harms young adults

SEATTLE – Should the legal age for buying recreational marijuana be raised to 25?

That’s what some doctors believe, according to a recent opinion piece in the New York Times. The Washington Post also covered the issue recently.

Some studies show marijuana can have a negative impact on a young adult’s development and sometimes make mental health issues worse, according to some healthcare professionals.

Ever since recreational marijuana was legalized in our state, the Washington Poison Center says their call volume has increased dramatically, with young adults and teenagers seeing some of the most damaging impacts.

“The use of cannabis may exacerbate underlying mental health disorders,” said Erica Liebelt. “There is also great evidence showing early use of cannabis in the adolescent time period can have effect on the developing brain.

Plus, we could learn more about the impact of marijuana toxicity our state when the Washington Poison Center releases new 2018 data in the next couple of weeks.

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