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Working outdoors in summer-like heat means taking extra steps to stay safe

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LACEY, Wash. – This early taste of summer is really doing a number on those who have to work outside.

Construction workers, landscapers and many others working outdoors in Wednesday’s heat told Q13 News they tried finding shade as often as possible.

“It is so hot, I’m dying," joked landscaper Jazlynn Waldrop. “But it’s not that bad.”

“Actually, we had a meeting about it,” said landscaper William Obadiah. “The boss said 'Make sure to drink a lot of water, and don’t break any sprinklers.'”

Drinking water is also a high priority when you’re working outdoors, no matter the job. Workers also say they’re taking breaks more often and looking for signs of heatstroke.

“No one’s working by themselves,” said construction worker Eugene Carollo. “They’re always with somebody so everybody’s watching each other.”

Also, occasionally, relief could sometimes be found around the corner.

“Every once in a while, if you see somebody’s sprinkler going in their lawn, you just walk through it,” said Obadiah. Don’t tell anybody.

The National Weather Service says it could reach into the 90s Wednesday afternoon in some parts of Puget Sound.

The agency said it could get warm enough to impact people who are sensitive and prone to health problems.

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