Dead on arrival: No pulse in new zombie flick ‘The Dead Don’t Die’

Just no.

This movie shuffles along, just like its zombies, but never gives you anything to chew on.

Despite a stellar cast, Jim Jarmusch fails to create a compelling movie, whether he’s going for comedy, or scares.

He does capture what should be spooky moments and creepy situations, but they invariably go nowhere and fall flat.

I get detached irony, and there is plenty of it on display, but time and again, ideas and characters are presented, and then dropped. In the case of the characters, they’re often dropped because they end up dead, or shuffling back to boring life.

Bill Murray and Adam Driver are the two town police officers leading the cast, but they aren’t given much to do and their best lines are all in the trailer. The painful choice to break down the fourth wall never works and takes you out of a film that at other times is trying build up some sort of dread.

The stand-out character is Tilda Swinton’s mortuary cosmetologist/samurai, and really, the film would have been better served to bend in her direction, but it never does, and her presence in the small town, along with her strange exit, are never explained or considered.

It really is a bewildering film, which could work for some Jarmusch junkies. Still, the message of the flick, along with the film itself just never comes together.

But horror fans need not worry. Even “The Dead Don’t Die,” can’t kill the zombie genre.

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