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‘The Sea Gals’ are now ‘The Seahawks Dancers’ — and men can join

SEATTLE — The Seattle Seahawks are saying goodbye to ‘The Sea Gals’ and hello to ‘The Seahawks Dancers.’

It’s still the same dance team, but for the first time, men are on the squad.

The team made the announcement on Monday along with a first look at the 2019 dance team, which includes 30 women and eight men.

The director of the dance team says this is the latest evolution of the program.

“We are excited to unveil our new dance team for the 2019 season! For decades the Sea Gals have been an integral part of the Seahawks organization on and off the field. As we continually look to evolve our gameday entertainment, our dance program will now be known as “The Seahawks Dancers.” We look forward to showcasing many different types of dance styles as the team hits the field this fall. We are excited for fans to see what we’ve been working on!”

-Courtney Moore, Director, Seahawks Dancers

Several other NFL teams, including the Los Angeles Rams, have added men to their cheerleading squads in the past few seasons.

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