Community frustrated by crime in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood

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SEATTLE -- Neighbors and businesses in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood say they are frustrated by recent violent crime.

“There was a shooting here, a week ago. We could hear it when we were in our apartment,” said Andrea Andrew.

Andrew lives in Fremont. She is referring to the shooting that happened on May 21st outside the 7-Eleven on North 36th Street.

During the incident, police say two men started fighting. One man pulled out a baseball bat and hit the window of one of the cars. The owner of the car pulled out a gun and fired five rounds, hitting two nearby cars.

Police caught both suspects in the incident.

“It’s a concern of ever raising kids in this neighborhood,” said Andrew.

People who live and work in Fremont say the issues have been a growing problem.

“People think of Fremont as a nice place, but once you live in it, work in it, you realize there is a lot that goes on down here,” said Shawn Sedha.

Sedha is the owner of the Fremart store. He says he has noticed the extra police presence during the month of May, but does not think it has made much of a difference.

“There’s not too much violent crime yet, but that has changed this month.”

Sedha says as a business owner he’s been threatened; he’s had people steal from him, and he’s had to defend himself.

“Everyone needs to be involved here. The police department can’t do it themselves,” said Sedha.

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