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People are happy about the record heat in Western Washington

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OLYMPIA - With not a cloud in the sky, Capitol Lake in Olympia is a sight to remember.

“I think it’s beautiful,” Olympia resident Donna Cruz said.

Yes, it’s beautiful and hot.

Not the kind of weather you normally see someone wearing a sweatshirt.

“I have my sweatshirt I have a regular T-shirt,” Cruz said.

With 4 layers on Cruz is purposely trying to sweat it out during her workout around the lake on Friday.

She moved to Western Washington from Houston so anything in the 80s is mild.

“I am sorry I think it’s funny when you told me it was hot,” Cruz said.

She isn’t alone.

“Honestly I don’t think it’s hot enough for me,” said Larrissa .

When it comes to her dogs though a word of caution.

“Never leave them in the car it’s way too hot for that, take your time out of your day to care for your animals,”

But for some skaters across the street there was not a care in the world.

“Nice fun spot to hang out downtown,” Leachlainn Garcia said.

The fun is just beginning.

“I can’t wait, I have a river raft and going in the river and stuff just fun things with my friends,” Garcia said.

Garcia may like a thrill but he knows the dangers of the cold lakes and rivers.

“Don’t step out of your comfort zone that’s pretty much it,” Garcia said.

As many head out for the water this weekend, others are welcoming the heat for other reasons.

“Hot weather means more business I would say the weather gets nicer people start showing off a little more skin,” Electric Rose Tattoo Manager Zachary Castanon said.

The shop has air conditioning but they didn’t use it on Friday. This summer could be a different story.

“Bring it on,” Castanon said.

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