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Feds: Kent man arrested for threatening Trump family, Jewish community

KENT, Wash. -- Federal agents arrested a Kent man Wednesday after authorities say he made multiple threats to President Donald Trump’s family and wrote that it was time to start “bombing synagogues.”

The FBI received reports about 27-year-old Chase Colasurdo in March after threatening to execute members of the Trump family on social media, according to the Department of Justice.

The DOJ says Colasurdo reiterated his threats to multiple media outlets, and a post on his Instagram account showed a gun pointed at a photo of a Trump family member.

Authorities contacted Colasurdo shortly after those threats, but he claimed his social media accounts were hacked.

Investigators continued to monitor Colasurdo, and they say he made threatening comments toward the Jewish community as well as purchasing a holster, bulletproof vest and ammunition.

Colasurdo also tried to purchase a gun but was denied due to a "flag entered by the U.S. Secret Service."

Colasurdo was arrested peacefully and faces two counts of making interstate threats.

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