PEMCO Insurance: spring insurance hazards to look out for

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SEATTLE -- We're just over one month into the spring season and this is the time where a lot of people are starting home projects.

It's also a rainy season, so Q13 News asked the experts at PEMCO Insurance about some surprising spring insurance hazards.

  • Flooding and mudslides
  • Potholes
  • Winterkill landscaping
  • Termites
  • Forgotten remodeling
  • Jobs for teens

PEMCO said most standard homeowners insurance policies cover water damage for things like broken pipes or a washing machine hose. Those policies don't cover flooding or mudslides after heavy rain or a fast snow melt.

"For that you would need specialty insurance," said Erin Gross, the PEMCO Insurance Agency Manager. "You can purchase something called a 'difference in conditions policy' that would cover landslides, earthquake and that flood damage. Something you want to talk to your insurance agency about if you are really truly considering it because a lot of times those policies do have waiting periods before you would be able to file a claim."

Also, check with your insurance company if your kid plans to get a job while they are home for the summer. Two examples are a pizza delivery driver or driving for Uber or Lyft.

"Any type of business exposure where you're delivering anything for a fee is not going to be covered by a personal auto policy," said Gross. "The good news is that there's often coverage that you can purchase and it might be something that you can do on a short term basis while they are home for the summer."

For those of you doing home remodeling projects, Gross said it is important to let your insurance company know what kind of project you are working on no matter how small.


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