Hundreds of people on new Tacoma code violators map; many don’t know

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TACOMA, Wash. -- People who live in Tacoma and are listed on the city’s new code compliance maps say they had no idea their properties were even in violation.

This month, the City of Tacoma created a new feature on its website where you are able to access a map that shows the addresses of properties that are violating compliance code. Violations include nuisance, building, and right-of-way.

On the website, the city provides information about what type of violation occurred, the date the case has been updated, and if there has been any citation. The city also provides a link that allows users to see who owns the property and what the assessed value of the property is.

Joe Hebert’s home was listed on the map as a nuisance. He says the city never notified him, and he has no idea why he would be in violation.

“That’s shocking, it really is,” he said.

Code violations are reported by community members to the city.

A code compliance officer then investigates the claim by going to the property.

If there is a violation, the city says they will notify the responsible parties and give them about three weeks to make the needed changes.

If there is no change in the time period given, it’s possible the violator may see fines.

Q13 News used the city’s website to go to different properties listed as nuisance violators and see if the people living there were aware.

In about a dozen situations, only one homeowner said he knew about the violation and had already fixed the problem. His violation date is listed in April 2019.

However, many other violators on the site are listed as occurring months ago.

Hebert's violation "date updated" was listed August 22, 2018. Q13 News interviewed both Joe Hebert and his wife Kandi on Sunday. The next day, there was no record of their violation on the city's website.

City officials say in 2018 they received 3700 code concerns.

The city has six code compliance officers who investigate and enforce these violations.

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