UW reports rental electronic scooter injuries on the rise across the country

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UW reports rental electronic scooters are rising in popularity across the nation, but so are injuries related to them.

The report says only 4 percent of people hurt riding the scooters wore helmets.

In Tacoma, officials say there have been 13 calls into 911 since October due to incidents with rental e-scooters.

“Perfect viewing window in front of the store to see probably five to seven people on these Lime scooters everyday going at top speed which about 15 miles per hour,” said Tyler Kolbo.

Kolbo works at Tacoma Bike. While the store sells plenty of helmets Kolbo says he never sees anyone riding a scooter wearing one.

“If I had not been wearing that helmet, I probably would not be talking to you right now,” said Kolbo.

He says at least twice he’s gotten seriously hurt while riding his bike, and says his helmet is what saved him.

“I think helmets are critical in several ways,” he said.

However, some people still don’t think helmets will catch on with these scooters.

“I don’t have one in my back pocket,” said Jason Brinar.

Brinar says he’s ridden the rental e-scooters through town at least a dozen times, but has never wore a helmet.

“They should have helmets, but are they going to use them if it was attached to the scooter; probably not,” he said.

On Lime Transportation Company’s website they suggest riders follow all helmet laws.

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