Seattle shooting victim questions why gunman shot her and a bus driver while killing two others

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SEATTLE -- With two people dead and two others recovering in the hospital, a North Seattle community is still trying to figure out why this all happened.

There’s a growing memorial at his bus stop just off Sand Point Way.  It’s just a two-lane road that is heavily traveled by people trying to avoid major roads like I-5.  Now, this area will be remembered for the lives lost and many others affected by the shooting.

“You just don’t understand why,” said shooting victim Deborah Judd.

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56-year-old Deborah Judd was shot three times Wednesday night while driving home to Snohomish through Seattle on Sand Point Way NE.

More questions than answers for 56-year-old Deborah Judd wrapped in a hospital gown covering three bullet holes at Harborview Medical Center.  The life-altering moment replaying in her mind again and again.

“I came around the corner and this guy walked straight out in the middle of the road and he just shot me, and he shot me again and I could feel it got here and here,” said Judd pointing to her wounds.

Deborah says she laid perfectly still until the gunshots stopped.

“I crawled out of the car in the street and he said she’s shot,” said Judd.

It’s a surreal experience for the second grade Laurelhurst Elementary teacher.  After practicing active shooter drills with her students, she can’t believe she was shot on her way home from Seattle to Snohomish.  She just wants her kids to know she’s ok.

“I have second graders. I love my second graders and I’m worried about them. And in the ambulance, I said you need to get a substitute to Laurelhurst elementary for tomorrow,” said Judd.

Along with Judd, there’s another shooting victim at Harborview Medical Center.  A King County Metro bus driver was shot but still managed to turn his bus around to save himself and his passengers.  Bus Route 75 goes right in front of Jodi Pollock’s house.

“I really trust the bus drivers here they’re always really friendly and really supportive and it doesn’t surprise me that he did what he did to take care of his passengers,” said Judd.

Seattle Police canvassed the neighborhood.

“The crime scene was here for a long time, late into the night,” said Judd.

The crime scene tape now gone, two lives lost, an alleged gunman in jail, all leaving Deborah Judd wondering why.

“I don’t know why I was the lucky one, but I also don’t know why someone stepped out into the street and shot me on that nice little road,” said Judd.

Judd says she has to recover because she has tickets to see Aerosmith next Saturday in Las Vegas.

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