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Sound Transit weighs elevated tracks v. underground tunnel for West Seattle Light Rail

SEATTLE -- Across the Puget Sound region, we're seeing construction of the Light Rail system under way.

Some stations like Northgate are set to open soon-ish, in 2021, while other areas like West Seattle will have to wait a while. Think sometime after 2030.

But even with that date more than a decade away, discussions are being held about whether West Seattle should have an elevated light rail running through its neighborhoods, or a tunnel instead.

Officials held a public meeting in West Seattle Thursday night to detail the plans. The elevated line would start in the Alaska Junction area and move on an elevated line -- similar to what's already been built in Tukwila near Sea-Tac Airport.

Although there is some opposition to an elevated railway going through West Seattle neighborhoods, the tunnel option is much more expensive. Sound Transit says a tunnel would cost roughly $700 million more than elevated tracks.

Sound Transit is taking public comment through April 2. You can click here and here to learn more and submit your comment.

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