New signs bring hope on Narrows bridge

TACOMA, Wash. – If you’re crossing over the Narrows bridge, you’ll notice new signs posted in an attempt to save lives.

After a year of work, the Gig Harbor-Key Peninsula Suicide Prevention Coalition family got 20 new signs posted onto the eastbound side of the Narrows bridge.

These signs include a few messages such as “Life is worth living.  There is help” and “You are not alone.  Make the call.”  They each also provide the suicide-prevention number for anyone to call at any time.

"We really want people to know that there is hope and there are resources.  Even in the darkest moments where someone may feel alone and that things are hopeless, there really is hope," Suicide Coalition member Anne Nesbit said.

Bob Anderson, also a coalition member stated in a news release, "They hope the signs help people pause, follow-up, and call the number on the sign if they are in distress.  That pause we know from national and international statistics can make the difference between life or death."

Nine people have died by jumping off the Narrows Bridge in the past five years, said Anderson.

The project began when the coalition received a $30,000 grant from Pierce County.  The grant was used to help bring suicide survivor Kevin Hines to speak in Gig Harbor as well as pay for the signs on the bridge.

The coalition initially hoped the signs would be up by November 5, but they learned the county did not initially have the equipment to create the signs and had to purchase it.

They're now focused on pushing for the governor and the state Department of Transportation to include money for netting and barriers for the bridge.

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