Help ID armed costume-wearing serial robbery suspect

It may be funny at first to see a robber dressed-up in an animal onesie — but the crime spree he’s suspected of is really serious — hitting at least five times around Snohomish County in December and armed for all of them.

Detectives say he hit a 7-Eleven and Pizza Hut in Everett, the 7-Eleven on Highway 9 in Arlington twice, just three days apart — and the Trafton General Store on Highway 530, where he wore the animal onesie and a mask and could be heard threatening the clerk on duty. Surveillance video shows that once he got the cash in-hand — he threatened to pepper spray the clerk, then bolted out the door.

“A couple days later in Arlington we had a similar case, only this time our suspect was dressed as a hunter and he was wearing very oversized clothing. Carhartt hunting vest, large jacket, I mean this is an individual that if you look at the arms, very thin, but you look at the jacket and it’s huge, so he’s trying to mask his size,” said Kristin Banfield with the Arlington Police Department. “This is an individual that is brandishing weapons, threatening clerks and demanding cash and we want to get this person into custody quickly, especially given the time frame that he was doing it in, was a very short amount of time, he was escalating very quickly.”

Detectives say for every robbery he took off in a dark-colored vehicle, possibly blue, with a rack on top.

This guy thinks he's funny -- wearing costumes to commit crimes – and it’s likely he's bragged about it.

If you know who he is, or anything at all that can help detectives in Snohomish County, Arlington and Everett identify him, use the P3 Tips App on your smart phone to submit the information to Crime Stoppers anonymously, or call the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).

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