PEMCO talks perks of travel reward cards


SEATTLE — Travel rewards cards typically earn points that are good for any type of travel and not just airline flights.

The experts at PEMCO Insurance say getting one of those cards can be worth it for some people.

“People that like to travel regularly are good candidates for either ones and the ones that are flexible are the ones that are good candidates for the travel rewards because they have black-out dates,” said Abeer Abu-Emarah, an Underwriting Department Manager at PEMCO Insurance.  “So, if you are flexible that is definitely a good option for you.”

If you are considering applying for a travel rewards card, Abu-Emarah said to keep these three things in mind:

  1. Make sure you have an excellent credit score
  2. Pay off your balance every month
  3. Don’t mind researching to find your best deal

Also, there are a lot of great comparison websites that let you look at specific cards to decide which is best. When you are researching different cards, make sure you understand how the card earns points, so you can get the most out of it.

For travel rewards, a one percent reward is pretty standard whether you get miles, points or cash back.

For cards with a specific airline, those can vary. Sometimes you can get more than one percent if you are booking a longer or international flight. You might also get perks like priority check-in, upgraded seats or free checked baggage.

“Most of them have rental car benefits like damage waivers and things like that or they can help you when you lose your documents when you’re traveling or something like that, so there are other benefits that you can get as well,” said Abu-Emarah.

Whether you choose a travel or airline rewards card, both can be good deals depending on how you travel and whether or not you tend to use the same airline.




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