Healthy Living: Kids consuming way too much sugar, study finds

study out of the UK looked at how much sugar kids were consuming and found kids who were 10 years old had already had as much sugar as a recommended limit for an 18-year-old.
Experts say that news should prompt parents and caregivers to make changes to their kids' diets.
"The parent's job is to expose their kids," said Judy Simon a clinical dietitian and nutritionist with UW Medicine. "Instead of trying to be the sugar police (parents should) expose (kids) palates to lots of different flavors."
If kids are hungry after school, Simon recommends giving them some yogurt and bananas or apples and peanut butter instead of cookies or something sweet.
In addition, here are some other options experts recommend.
  • read labels (sugar grams matter)
  • swap out a yogurt with lots of sugar for one with less
  • trade in sugary juice for one with no added sugar
  • ditch breakfast cereal with frosting for one that's sweet, but lower in sugar
Parents or caregivers may also consider taking their kids to the store to let them help pick out healthy snacks.  Cooking with kids also helps them understand how to prepare and eat healthier.
Finally, Simon says try not to chastise kids over sweets, instead, every once in a while, it's okay to put out dessert after kids eat a well balanced meal.
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