Forecast: More snow possible this week in lowlands

SEATTLE -- Low snow levels continue this week! The foothills/convergence zone/mountains get the most snow but all of us can “see” snow this week especially Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Tuesday starts out mainly dry but rain/snow keeps us chilly most of the day. The foothills will get a couple of inches of snow by Tuesday night. The Passes will pick up 8-12 inches by Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning looks like a Convergence Zone so that area could pick up a few inches of snow. Right now, it looks like that area stays north of Seattle but the weather team will keep us posted if it drifts over Seattle for a few hours Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon looks mostly dry but remains cold.

Thursday looks mainly dry but I’d expect icy roads as we remain below freezing during the morning commute.

Friday looks reasonable but the weekend still has “low snow levels.”

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