After the snow storm: A region-wide day of helping those still in need

SEATTLE -- The snow storm is over, and now we’re all just trying to get back to normal. One man from Lake Forest Park says giving back is a good way to start.

After surviving one of the biggest snow storm Puget Sound has seen in decades, Garrett Musar says he wanted to do something for those who may still be struggling to recover.

“I’m donating some time over at North Help Line which is a little food bank right up the street. I’m donating an old scooter, not the little razor type, but I have an old scooter that I’m donating. Then making some charitable donations,” Musar said.

But Musar isn’t stopping there. He’s inviting other people to join him. He created the ‘Post-Storm Donation Day’ event on Facebook, happening Tuesday, Feb. 19.

“There’s no set place. There’s nothing that you have to do by marking yourself “Going” to the event. You’re just saying that you’re going to do something good on Tuesday,” Musar said.

Hundreds of people have signed up for this region-wide event to give back in some way. Even Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda has shown her support for the event. She tweeted:

“The goal of "Post-Storm Donation Day" is to reflect on how fortunate we are. If we've had warmth, food, shelter – we're fortunate. There is no wrong place to donate and there is no wrong way to donate.”

So whether you donate food, clothing, time or even a simple hug, Musar says someone out there needs it.

“There’s no wrong way to donate. Anything you do is the right thing to do,” Musar said.

Musar says he hopes the idea catches on and Post-Storm Donation Day is held in communities all over the country when needed.

For more information about giving back, click this link: Post-Storm Donation Day

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