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Brier family gets creative, turns backyard into ice skating rink

BRIER, Wash. -- While the ice and snow are causing problems for some, for others it’s an excuse to get creative.

The Streich family in Brier welcomed Q13 to their home Sunday where Andrew Streich created an ice-skating rink right in their back yard.

“Every morning my son would wake up and say daddy is the rink ready?” said Streich. “There was actually a lot of pressure, and I wanted to make sure he had a good time and create a good memory.”

Andrew came up with the perfect idea to put a smile on his kids face while they were home from school enjoying the winter weather.

With some elbow grease and time, he perfected the rink, giving the kids a place to play on the ice right in their backyard. He’ll also tell you there’s one key ingredient involved in making the rink a success.

“First off get a patient wife,” said Andrew. “A lot of hard work and sweat, a little bit of YouTube and then flattening it out with a bunch of weights.”

When it came time to lace up and hit the ice the backyard project was kid approved.

“It’s pretty cool,” said 6-year-old Harrison Streich.

For dad it’s mission complete and a job well done just seeing the smiles he’s created.

“That is the best reward and creating the memories I think,” said Andrew.

The Streich family aren’t the only ones getting creative in this winter weather. In Seattle, the city has decided to open golf courses to the public for sledding. Click here for more information.


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