Snow day brings dozens to Kerry Park

SEATTLE - Saturday, Seattle was a winter wonderland and dozens of people left their warm homes to play in the snow.

Many of the roads around the city were still covered with ice and snow, but those terrible driving conditions made for great sledding conditions.

However, many say they’re not used to seeing snow like this, and because of that they did not come prepared.

Storage bins, storage bin lids, shovels, buckets, and many other items were used to slide down Kerry Hill in Seattle.

While, some were under prepared, others were over prepared.

“I’m not much of a skier, I figured I’d get some practice in while they’re some snow on the ground, “said Andrew Bondesson.

A few other people chose to strap in their skis and join Bondesson hitting the hill at Kerry Park.

Whether you rode a sled, your skis, or your storage container lid, one thing was the same for everyone in Seattle, it’s been a long time since they’ve seen snow like this.

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