Storm damage cleanup as bitter cold covers Whatcom County

SUMAS, Wash. – In Whatcom County, some places are still cleaning up after the storm.  Residents are also dealing with extreme cold, with the windchill below zero.

This time two years ago, Bellingham was covered in snow during a countywide snow emergency.  Up until this week, people in the area thought they were going to have a calm winter.


Wind rips off the facade off B&B Border Inn in Sumas, Washington.

“It just felt like it was going through whatever layer we had,” said Cherry Street Market Manager Tammy Wortley.

The winds were ripping through Main Street and ripping up buildings.

“Anything that wasn’t nailed down was flying,” said Wortley.

The wind ripped off the façade on a motel.

“A lot of people saw the pictures and thought the whole building had collapsed,” said B&B Border Inn Owner Sung Soo Kim.

But the owner says it only damaged two rooms out of 20.

“When that gust of wind came through it hit that sweet spot on the façade and took down the wall with it,” said Kim.

The nearby gas station’s sign was snapped in half.


Mobile gas station sign snapped in half in Sumas, Washington due to strong winds.

Seven miles away off Goodwin Road, the road was closed due to downed trees.


Downed wires and trees block Goodwin Road near Massey Road about seven miles outside of Sumas, Washington.

But Whatcom County as a whole isn’t faring as bad as 2017, when several snowstorms pounded the area.  Maggie Kim was worried she would go into labor with a now almost two-year old Lilly.

“We had ice everywhere and snow everywhere,” said B&B Border Inn Owner Maggie Kim.

Kevin Ondeck remembers it well.

“I had about three feet on my car,” said Whatcom County Resident Kevin Ondeck.

But this year, he says he thought they’d miss old man winter’s wrath.

“It’s super deceiving. You go outside and you’re like yeah I need another jacket,” said Ondeck.

From the wind and snow to the bitter cold.

“It was bone chilling. When you walked outside it took your breath away,” said Wortley.

So cold it might make you cry out in agony for little kiddos like Lilly and three-year-old Frank.

“Just gotta bundle him up. He doesn’t always like to wear it but you just gotta tell him get a jacket or you cant go outside and play,” said Ondeck.

And mother nature isn’t kidding around with another blast of winter left this week.

“I always have plenty of ice melt on hand. I’m gonna try to get more seals for the doors and just hope for the best,” said Wortley.

Kim says they have insurance and will make the repairs shortly.

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