Seattleites spend more on takeout than any other city, according to report

People sharing pizza. Getty Images.

SEATTLE — Emerald City, it might be time to talk about your takeout habits.

Seattle residents spend more money on takeout and delivery food than any other city in the United States, according to a report from the DNA health testing company Vitagene.

Vitagene reportedly analyzed government consumer data for cities across the country, collecting the average number of meals Americans eat out each week. They compared that to the cost of groceries in a given area, trying to determine how much residents could save a month if they ate in.

Seattleites spend the most on takeout annually at $2,520 – averaging a $210-a-month habit.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Seattleites buy the most takeout. But cost and frequency both add up.

The number two city on the list was Pittsburgh, followed by San Francisco. Detroit spends the least on takeout annually, at $142-a-month, according to Vitagene.

Based on the amount people spend on groceries in each city, Seattleites would save the most by cooking in rather than ordering out. Seattleites would save on average $1,425 per year by cooking in, according to the report.

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