Commentary: Considering new mottos or slogans for the Mariners in 2019

In a couple weeks, we’ll likely learn this year’s Mariners motto, unveiled on the first day of Spring Training. It’s different from the marketing slogans used at the end of their commercials – “True To The Blue” has been that slogan the last six years.

So tonight, we’re soliciting ideas – for either one.

Now, let’s first recap: Scott Servais has unveiled three mottos as manager – “Are You Ready?” “Whatever It Takes” and “Good,” which is how he wanted his team to react to adversity, by welcoming it and tackling it head-on.

Other notable marketing slogans have included “Believe Big,” “Ready To Play,” “Sodo Mojo” and the heartwarming “A New Day, A New Way.”

But after hearing general manager Jerry Dipoto this week, I think this year’s phrase should be simple: “Honesty is the best policy.”

“While we would not anticipate that we are a threat to win the World Series in 2019, we do feel like we’re better situated to do this come 2020, 2021,” Dipoto said.

It’s an attempt to be honest. There are no visions of grandeur this year. They’ve ripped this team to the studs (consider that a compliment, Mitch Haniger and Marco Gonzales, you studs, you). And they’re hoping to follow the blueprint of the Red Sox or Astros to build teams that can sustain success.

But for every Red Sox and Astros, there are now a bunch of other teams still waiting for that payoff. Last March, Baseball America profiled seven teams that are going through a rebuild, and the average estimated time from start to end date was around four to five years. A target date of 2021 for the M’s seems really, really aggressive.

Which brings up another potential slogan for the fanbase: “Leap of Faith.” Because this front office is asking everyone to take one.

I don’t blame anyone for not jumping to purchase season tickets at T-Mobile Park when even the front office doesn’t expect much this year – especially when fans can get comparable quality of baseball for a fraction of the price in Tacoma. That’s not jumping off a bandwagon, that’s fiscal responsibility!

And while I truly hope this new plan works, it was fun to brainstorm other possible marketing slogans for the upcoming year. I’ll leave you with my Top 3 suggestions, in no particular order.

First up: “What’s Old Is New Again” - Considering Ichiro and Dustin Ackley are back, we’re still waiting for more stars of yesteryear to return

Next: “I’ll See You In The Pen” – Anyone can understand the lure of the Beer Garden, especially when games get out of hand

And finally: “Hello, My Name Is” – Because with so many new players, I really hope everyone’s wearing one of those stickers – not only throughout Spring Training, but also the rest of the year!

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