Fremont business damaged by arson gets help from the community

SEATTLE - One West Seattle store is helping another local business owner after her store was damaged by an arson fire in Fremont.

This weekend, the art store Sfingiday is back with a little help from West Settle store Capers.

On Christmas Eve, an arson set fire to several businesses in Fremont. Christine Olson’s store, Sfingiday, was one of them.

“My husband sent me a picture that was on the news and it was my store with smoke pouring,” said Olson.

Olson is a painter. She says her whole life has been filled with art. So, this past July, she decided to open an art gallery.

Sfingiday is named after the Sphingidae Moth. Olson’s art store carried her own creations, as well as the work of more than 100 artists from across the country.

“It was hard to see so much beautiful work ruined,” she said.

Capers is letting Olson use it’s store space to get back to doing what she loves. Both Saturday and Sunday, Olson will be selling art again, and it will cost her nothing to use Caper’s space.

“It’s been lovely; it’s touching,” said Olson.

Olson says she has no plans on stopping anytime soon.

Sfingiday is still operating as an online store, and Olson says she plans to move back into her Fremont location this March.

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