CAPTURED: WMW tips help lead to ID, arrest of wanted shoe-stealing, knife-wielding robbery suspect


Lacey Police say thanks to tips they recieved, Chelsea Grazioli was arrested in Shelton on April 23rd.

FUGITIVE UPDATE March 22, 2019 —
Lacey Police say thanks to Washington’s Most Wanted viewer tips, detectives have identified the suspect who threatened a Loss Prevention Officer with a knife at the Kohl’s in January as Chelsea Grazioli.

She still needs to be found and has a warrant for her arrest in Thurston County for Robbery in the 1st Degree.

“We know that she’s hiding out with somebody. We know somebody’s helping her out, because there’s no way she’d be able to be hidden for this long. We’ve talked to family members, we’ve talked to some of her friends and we’re getting some tips that she’s down south, which could be the Centralia/Chehalis area, or even as far down as Vancouver, Washington, so we’re just asking for everybody’s help right now and if people can give us some more tips, maybe we can zero-in, or fine-tune exactly where she’s at and we can finally capture her,” said Lacey Police Det. Jimmy Williams.

If you can tell officers where to find her, submit an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers of the South Sound at or by downloading the P3 Tips App to your cell phone. You can also call 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).  There is a cash reward of up to $1,000 offered for information that leads to her arrest.

------ORIGINAL STORY------

FUGITIVE WANTED IN LACEY January 18, 2019 --
Getting stabbed over shoes is not what a department store Loss Prevention Officer wanted to fall victim to, so Lacey Police say he had to let a knife-wielding shoplifting suspect go earlier this month – and now detectives are turning to the public to help find her.

“There was a female who entered Kohl's and she pretty much milled around the whole store for probably 30 minutes, or so, which caught the eye of loss prevention,” said Lacey Police Det. Jimmy Williams. “Loss prevention saw and noticed that she placed a pair of Nike shoes in a bag. She hid the shoes and tucked it under a jacket and proceeded, kind of in a hurry towards the exits. Once she got out the doors, a Loss Prevention Officer approached the female and asked her to, 'Please stop!' Told us that he said, 'Hey, we saw you put the Nike shoes in your bag, please return them. At that point, the female turned around and she had a knife in her hand and she said something to the sort, 'I'm going to stick you,' or 'I'm gonna get you.' At that point the Loss Prevention Officer, it scared him, he backed up. He's a bigger person than her, but nobody wants a knife brandished at them, or waved at them. Then she just put it in 2nd and 3rd gear and started sprinting through the parking lot to get away and this person has shoplifted before. She was walking around, didn't have a care in the world. She was interacting with other people. She was talking to people. She was smiling and she hid the items, once she hid the items, she pretended she was shopping. She put on a pair of shoes. She put the shoes back. She was looking at other items and then once the coast was clear, she picked up the items and that's when she started heading to the exits. In the beginning, this was just a misdemeanor theft. She took about a $60 pair of shoes. If she would have stopped, like the loss prevention asked her, returned the shoes, chances are they wouldn't have called law enforcement. It would have been a civil issue. Our retail stores like to take care of things themselves and because she displayed a knife and threatened a loss prevention person, now it's a robbery. Lacey's a small place. We don't have these types of crimes here often. We're a residential place. Lots of schools and children everywhere and we don't like it when this happens and so this somebody who's very important for us to capture, because we don't want somebody to get hurt,’ said Det. Williams.

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