Less rain and wind Friday, but wet weather returns soon

SEATTLE -- It's been a wet week, but less rain is in store for Friday and the weekend.

Friday will have passing showers with sun breaks, but isolated thunderstorms are in the forecast. It will be colder, too, with highs near 47.

Friday night will be dry for all, and Saturday starts out mostly dry.

Saturday afternoon will be wet again. The snow level drops below the passes this weekend so it will be icy from time to time up there.

Sunday looks fairly dry, but Monday and Tuesday look sloppy again. We are in the middle of the rainy season, so drive with care when these fronts pass through.

Things to watch for Friday: 

  • High surf for the coast during high tides Friday morning will create problems there.
  • Olympic Mountain rivers are flooding with more than 5 inches of rain there in one day.
  • Whatcom County rivers will flood.
  • Snow in the North Cascades will create some avalanche danger there.
  • Isolated thunderstorm stay in the forecast through midday Friday, but Friday afternoon will be calm with sun breaks.
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