Two dead, marijuana grow operation found inside burning Seattle home

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SEATTLE – Investigators want to know more after a Seattle house fire led them to a disturbing discovery.

Inside that home firefighters found two bodies and a marijuana grow operation.

Authorities still do not know the identities of the two people found inside home – the county medical examiner will have to figure out how they died and who they are.

Meanwhile neighbors are stunned to learn that inside this home was an apparent marijuana grow operation.

“I was asleep in my house this morning and I got about halfway to where we were standing and saw the red flame,” said neighbor Bessie Gratton.

The damage outside is obvious but looks like nothing compared to what’s been scorched inside.

“When I came out it was smoking,” said neighbor Yoseph Teklemariam.

One Seattle firefighter escaped serious injury when they fell through a roof – thankfully they were pulled out unharmed.

But firefighters also made a terrible discovery – two people inside were found with non-survivable injuries.

“It’s too much for one morning to know that someone died, lost their lives,” said Gratton.

Nearly every window at the home is broken out and firefighters estimate the home at a loss of more than $300,000.

Some neighbors say the people living at the home kept to themselves, while others said they regularly saw people come and go.

“I know there was a lot of people coming and going it was changing residents quite often,” said Gratton.

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