Lawsuit: Olympic Game Farm in Sequim sued, accused of neglect

Photo used with permission from Sherrie Cerutti

SEATTLE — A popular drive-thru game farm in Sequim is being sued for allegedly violating federal and state endangered species laws with its confinement and neglect of protected animals. reports the lawsuit filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund last week says the Olympic Game Farm doesn’t provide adequate nutritional or veterinary care to its more than 200 animals and that they don’t offer enough space or stimulating activities for them.

The lawsuit says Olympic Game Farm has been cited several times by the United States Department of Agriculture for inadequate care of its animals and that it defies endangered species laws by confining protected animals.

The Cavalry Group, a Missouri-based animal business and ownership advocacy representing the Olympic Game Farm, said the Animal Legal Defense Fund is “bullying” the business through legal action and calls them “a radical group of animal rights extremists.”

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