Lakewood man’s mobility scooter stolen on Christmas

LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- A Lakewood man who depends on his mobility scooter to get around woke up on Christmas morning and noticed it was missing.

It was festive at the Mason’s on Christmas Day, but this morning, the Grinch struck at the Lakewood home.

“Society isn’t the way it used to be, they’re so, let’s just take somebody else’s something. That’s not right,” said Bonnie Mason. Her grown son, Derek, has cerebral palsy and lives at home.

Everyday he drives to work and uses his mobility scooter to help him out.

“Balance and walking far distances,” said Derek.

And every night for the past five years, he’s parked his car at the front of his home with the scooter attached on a trailer on the back.

This morning as the family was heading to grandma’s house for Christmas morning, they noticed the scooter was missing.

“We came around the corner and I saw the scooter was gone.”

The Mason’s say they noticed the straps that tie the scooter down were cut, and the cover was removed.

“It’s a pride mobility go-go traveler scooter,” said Bonnie.

Derek says he has a few days off before heading back to work on Saturday, and getting a new scooter before then may be tough.

“He’s going to be at a disadvantage when he goes to work. New ones cost about $1,900,” said Bonnie.

The Masons filed a police report and hope whoever stole it may find some Christmas spirit and return it in time for Derek’s weekend shift work.

“Just quite distressing to find out this happened on Christmas,” said Bonnie Mason.

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