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Icy mornings and sunny afternoons expected through Friday

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SEATTLE -- The weather pattern continues to be clear and cold for the next few days.

Expect icy mornings, but nice looking days.

The wind from the Northeast keeps us fog free, but that makes it super cold at night. The wind chill makes it feel like it’s freezing even during the day.

Each morning through Friday the temperatures drop below freezing so you can expect icy roads during those times. The days will be sunny and super clear. In fact, all  the air quality sights are reporting very clean air, perhaps the cleanest air all year! Enjoy some good air.

Wednesday morning will have minimal fog but it looks like some fog returns Thursday and Friday mornings. Lows near 29 with highs near 43 are expected through Friday.

Friday night we get a little rain and it lasts through early Saturday morning but the temperatures will be mild by then. Saturday during the day looks dry.

Sunday looks wet and gusty with mountain snow. Speaking of Mountain snow, ALL of next week looks great for the ski areas but Pass travel will be messy.

Monday Night Football looks breezy and wet.

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