Illegally passing school bus could cost you $419

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Starting next year, drivers who illegally pass school buses in the Bellevue-area will be ticketed $419.

In October, the Bellevue School District installed cameras on 20 percent of its bus fleet on the bus stop paddles. It's in an effort to create a safer environment for kids.

School district and King County officials created a grace period for violators starting Monday, Dec. 3 through Friday, Dec. 21. Violators will get a warning letter in the mail.

But after winter break, starting Monday, Jan. 7 , drivers will be ticketed $419 for illegally passing a school bus.

A reminder, if a school bus has its stop arm extended and lights flashing:

  • You must always stop if you're traveling in the same direction as the school bus
  • On a two-lane road, traffic in both directions must stop
  • if there are three or more lanes, or a divided roadway, you are not required to stop if you are driving in the opposite direction of the bus
  • even if you are not required to stop, you need to proceed with caution

You can read more on stopping for school buses on the Washington Legislature's website.

2-lane roadway: both directions stop

3+ lanes: stop if traveling same direction as bus

Turning lane: stop if traveling same direction as bus

Median: stop if traveling same direction as bus