Tacoma Army vet gives back to military members through real estate business

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TACOMA, Wash. -- A local army veteran is using his real estate business to not only help veterans find jobs, but also make it easier for them to buy a home.

Tim Tooker says he never saw himself working as a real estate agent, but for the past four years that’s exactly he’s been doing.

He started Tooker Home Group, but before that Tooker served 20 years in the army.

“Now, it’s my job to continue that mission and continue to help military families the best that I can,” said Tooker.

In four years, Tooker Home Group has grown from just Tim to employing several realtors. Tooker says all of his employees have a connection to the military.

“I don’t think we specifically say we’d rather have a military person than a normal civilian, but we know people from the military are used to saying, ‘Ok, here’s my task; here’s my assignment; here’s what I have to do to get there.' So, it kind of cuts the learning curve down for an agent,” said Tooker.

He says it’s also easier to get buy-in from his employees on the Tooker Home Group’s biggest program: its military rebate.

Tooker says he and his employees give 20% of their commission on home sales back to the service member purchasing a home, or they give a full percentage point to any service member selling their home.

“It’s our way of saying thank you for carrying the torch of freedom,” he said.

Tooker says his construction company will also provide discounted work to military families.

He says he would much rather provide quality service to these men and women who have served for their country, then make a few extra dollars.

Tooker says he provides this rebate to first responders as well.

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