‘Bittersweet’ NBA exhibition game tips off at KeyArena

SEATTLE, WA – On Friday, the reigning champion Golden State Warriors took on the Sacramento Kings at KeyArena in a pre-season exhibition game.

It's the first time the NBA has been back in Seattle since 2008, the last season for the Sonics.

Despite the ten years the team has been gone, and despite two other teams playing at KeyArena, fans were decked out in Sonics gear.

Many who attended  the game say the NBA exhibition at Key Arena is bittersweet. Chants of "bring them back" rang through the crowd.

They say they’re happy to see NBA back in Seattle but want their Sonics back.

Tip-off for the game was at 7:30 p.m. and broadcast on ESPN.

The game is the last event at KeyArena before it closes for big-time renovations.

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