Ivanka Trump to wind down her company

Ivanka Trump at her father's inauguration on January 20, 2017. (File Photo)

Ivanka Trump has decided to wind down her company after deciding to pursue a career in public policy instead of returning to her fashion company, according to two people with knowledge of her decision-making process.

Ivanka’s clothing and accessory business has been operating with limitations to reduce potential violations of ethics laws and the perceptions she’s profiteering off her White House role. Given those restrictions, Ivanka, who serves as a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, decided it didn’t make sense to keep the company running if she’s not returning after her father’s presidency, the people said.

The news was earlier reported by The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.

Ivanka and her company have been mired in controversy since Ivanka campaigned for her father wearing Ivanka Trump products during high-profile interviews and speeches. Criticism intensified after the election, when Ivanka decided to advise her father while also retaining ownership of her eponymous brand.

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