Starbucks employee helps expecting mother deliver baby on Tacoma sidewalk

TACOMA, Wash. - The manager of a 24-hour Starbucks in Tacoma, Washington is being called a hero after she helped an expecting mother give birth on a sidewalk.

A couple approached the store asking for help. The man frantically shouted that the baby was coming, and that is when Rashelle Rehms jumped into action, gathering towels to assist the woman in labor.

Rashelle removed the woman's pants and placed towels under the woman's hips. While positioning the towels, she noticed the baby's head and caught the newborn in her arms.  Rashelle cleaned the baby off and told the mother she had a girl. Paramedics arrived a short time later to transport the mother and child to the hospital.

Rashelle was confident in her abilities to aid the woman, as she is a mother herself.  Following her heroics, Rashelle returned to the store to finish her shift. Rashelle mentioned that it's store policy not to leave the building, however, her supervisor didn't mind her employee's heroic effort.

Starbucks issued a statement regarding their employee's selfless act:

"We’re proud of our partner for her quick thinking and response until additional help could arrive, and appreciate their quick response as well".

The parents didn't share any baby names with Rashelle during a recent visit, but mom and baby seem to be healthy.