The trade war is making 1,300 products more expensive

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Businesses and consumers beware. Washington put tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods on Friday, and Beijing immediately responded with penalties of an equal scale.

The cost of the new tariffs can be found in the roughly 1,300 individual products that have suddenly become more expensive.

The additional taxes will ripple through supply chains, forcing companies in both countries to decide whether to take a financial hit themselves or pass it along to consumers. If demand drops, jobs will be in jeopardy.

Here are some of the goods in the firing line.

US goods hit by Chinese tariffs

— Frozen beef
— Fresh or cold pork
— Dried, smoked or salted pork belly
— Frozen chicken nuggets
— Frozen whole duck

Fruit and vegetables
— Farming potatoes
— Mushrooms
— Truffles
— Apples
— Cherries
— Avocados

Dairy products
— Butter
— Cream
— Yogurt

— Frozen red salmon
— Frozen mackerel
— Frozen yellowfin tuna

— Frozen squid
— Lobster
— Canned shark fin
— Octopus
— Sea urchins

— Tobacco cigarettes
— Tobacco cigars
— Unstemmed tobacco

Pet food
— Canned cat food
— Canned dog food

— Whiskey
— Modified ethanol
— Non-frozen orange juice with less than 20% sugar

— Some passenger cars
— Some small passenger cars
— Some off-road vehicles

Chinese goods hit by US tariffs

— Some motor vehicles with diesel engines
— Some motor vehicles with electric motors
— Some motorcycles, including mopeds
— Helicopters
— Some airplanes and other powered aircraft
— Airplane parts
— Ferry boats and cruise ships

Spacecraft and technology
— Spacecraft launch vehicles
— Communication satellites

Industrial machinery
— Nuclear reactors
— Chassis fitted with engines for some vehicles
— Hydraulic turbines
— Machines for sorting fruit or other agricultural produce
— Metal-rolling mills
— Molds for glass, rubber or plastics
— Railway track fixtures
— Electric welding apparatus

Medical devices
— Pacemakers
— X-ray generators
— UV apparatus
— Anesthetic instruments
— Optical instruments

— Parts of equipment for checking semiconductor devices
— Some microscopes and telescopes
— Seismographs

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