Neighbors in West Seattle neighborhood say they were never officially notified of home invasions

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SEATTLE  - People who live near where three home invasions occur say they’re happy police have made an arrest in the case, but wish they were better informed of the incidents when they were happening.

Police arrested a man suspected of breaking into a West Seattle home in the middle of the night while the people who live there were asleep.

Within the last couple of weeks, there have been a series of similar break-ins in the area.

In total there were three incidents reported in West Seattle along the 9000 block of 11th Avenue Southwest, the 9200 block of 12th Avenue Southwest, and the 9400 block of 13th Avenue Southwest, police say.

Neighbors say it was frightening knowing there was a man breaking into homes still on the loose. Some neighbors say it’s also unsettling how they were unaware the crimes were occurring.

“It’s freaky when you don't know what’s going on, and it happened two weeks ago,” said Eleanor Bress. “We need the police out here,” she added.

Bress has lived in the area for decades she says.

She says she had to hear about the crimes through neighbored gossip.

She says it’s concerning that if you’re not checking online databases, you might be left in the dark for what’s happening in your own community.

“The passion part for me is the community concern. How do we stay connected, keep each other informed and be able to be safe for each other, “said Joan Willemain.

Willemain says she lives very close to one of the victims.

She says she had to find out about these incidents from her daughter who heard about them through Facebook

“I’d like a better alert system,” she said.

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