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Healthy Living: Habits that can negatively impact men’s health

June is Men's Health Month.  Today, Dr. Rick Bowles stopped by Q13 to talk about a few bad habits that can negatively impact men's health.

He says nail biting can lead to infections and make people more prone to illness due to bacteria.

Eating too fast is something many people do.  Dr. Bowles says it typically takes between 15 to 20 minutes for the body to digest food and recognize it's full.  Eating too fast can lead to overeating and the potential overtime of unnecessary weight gain.

Hand sanitizer is a go to for keeping germs at bay, but overuse can backfire.  Dr. Bowles say it can dry out your skin.  He also warns that it won't protect against certain illnesses like the norovirus.  In addition to hand sanitizer, Dr. Bowles suggests washing your hands with soap and water.

Too many showers doens't sound like a bad thing, but Dr. Bowles says it can deplete the skin of important oils.  He says over time that has the potential to lead to skin conditions and make some conditions like eczema worse.