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Coffee for a cause: Cafe Ladro gives all profits to families separated at border

SEATTLE - The crisis at the southern border inspired a local company to donate all of their profits Sunday to help families who have been separated in Texas.

Seattle’s Café Ladro has kept customers caffeinated since the mid 90’s.

“This is our favorite coffee place in town,” said Connor Thomas, a regular at Café Ladro’s west Seattle Location.

This locally owned coffee shop decided the crisis at the border could use a shot of help.

“It was just heartbreaking, they’re children,” said barista Niall McDonald.

Today, all 15 stores put up this sign, letting customers know all profits are going to the Texas Civil Right Project, helping fight for immigrant children who’ve been separated from their families.

“Super cool that they’re doing it. I think that says a lot about the business and the city,” said Thomas.

Mixing up macchiatos is how McDonald uses his skills to make a difference.

“If something bad is happening in America and you don’t like it, stand up, vote, do whatever you want to change America to the way you want it to be,” said McDonald.

Once customers heard their coffee fix was impacting lives, Ladro locations started grinding, steaming and serving a lot of lattes.

“A lot of people here feel for sensitive issues,” said Thomas.

“I love it when it gets busy,” added McDonald. “They’re absolutely more likely to get a second cup of coffee to supporting a good cause, things like that,” he said.

Conversations over coffee had a bolder flavor this afternoon.

“It seems small, big impact, it’s going to be good,” said McDonald.

Making an impact across the country in classic Seattle fashion.

“We’re all Americans,” said Thomas.