Time for a new watch? This one is made from illegal guns

A Swedish company is raising money to make wristwatches from illegal guns.

TRIWA is running a Kickstarter campaign to create the watches from Humanium Metal. IM Swedish Development Partner calls the substance “the world’s most valuable metal,” because it is made of illegal guns that have been destroyed and melted down, ready for use in commercial products.

The Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded more than twice over, so the watches are already on track for production.  But if you are interested in getting involved, or placing a pre-order, you can still do that until August 3, 2018.  They’re not cheap – you’ll have to spend at least $227 for a single watch.  TRIWA says 15% of that will go right back to whichever communities the illegal weapons originally come from.

If you’re interested in using Humanium Metal for your own project, that’s an option too.  You can find more information here.