Seattle’s Spokane Street Swing Bridge closed to vehicle traffic for week or more

Seattle’s Spokane Street Bridge (West Seattle lower-level bridge)
Photo: SDOT

SEATTLE — The Spokane Street Swing Bridge was closed Wednesday night for emergency repairs that are expected to keep that route into West Seattle out of commission for a week or more, the Seattle Department of Transportation said.

“Thanks to a bridge safety alarm system, our bridge operators discovered a hydraulic fluid leak on the Spokane St. Swing Bridge (aka West Seattle low-level bridge),” SDOT said. “To protect the safety of travelers and mitigate potentially costly cumulative damages, we will be conducting emergency repairs started at 8 p.m. tonight, 6/20/18.

“The bridge will swing out of commission for a week or more and will be closed to vehicle traffic but open to marine vessels,” SDOT said.