SAFE Boats keep waterways around the world safe

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BREMERTON – A company in Bremerton called SAFE boats is known around the world for keeping waterways safe.

They’re strong, they’re dependable, they turn on a dime,” said Tim Simonds, a SAFE boats worker.

Tim Simonds should know… he drove SAFE boats for years as part of the National Park Service on water safety patrols. And now, he helps build and sell them.
now he helps build and sell them.

“I get to see the boats from the beginning to the end to the customer.. .so it’s very enjoyable,” Simonds says.

And very busy… SAFE boats is expanding its operations to keep up with the demand for these water craft.

The company started with a patent for flotation technology that makes these boats nearly unsinkable. Add on the speed and maneuverability, and government agencies around the world are lining up to launch them.

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SAFE boats help US Customs stop drug smuggling.
They also help police and fire departments in search and rescue missions.

SAFE boats is also now Bremerton’s 3rd largest employer.

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