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Van stolen from California parking lot with 14 show dogs inside has been recovered

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A picture of the van via the Redding Police Department.

REDDING, Calif. — A van full of show dogs stolen from a Redding, California fast-food restaurant Wednesday has been recovered, said the Redding Police Department.

Police said the van and all 14 stolen dogs appear to be safe.

The dogs including rat terriers, golden labrador retrievers, and rottweilers were being taken to Woofstock Dog Show which starts Thursday in Vallejo, California.

On Wednesday, Tony Carter stopped at an In N Out Burger to grab lunch. Within minutes, he said the van with the show dogs inside were taken.

“If by some crazy chance the men who took the van and dogs you are reading this. PLEASE I am begging you. Go to a safe place unload the dogs and kennels and call in an anonymous tip and location,” Carter, a Professional Dog Show Handler said on Facebook.

“Please take the van and all the equipment, but please please I’m begging you don’t hurt our dogs!!”

Police posted images of the suspect, who appears to be a Caucasian man who is bald.

A picture of the van via the Redding Police Department.

No word on it the suspect is in custody. Redding police said they would provide more information about the recovery at a later time.

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