Snohomish County offers free life vests at parks to keep families safe

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Snohomish County officials partnered with the organization Safe Kids are working to keep families safe on the water this summer by offering free life jacket rentals at certain parks.

Starting Memorial Day Weekend and going until Labor Day children and adult will be able to use life jackets at designated cabinets at these parks.

This is a program Kaydee Weddle says she is excited the county is offering.

“They’re a wild bunch; they like to run and hop and play around, but one thing that does scare me is the water,” said Weddle.

Weddle and her two nephews explored Wyatt Park Saturday She is new to the area, and excited to have the kids see Lake Stevens, and even more excited the county is offering safety precautions for her family.

“It gives me a piece of mind,” she said. reports every year about 25 kids drown in Washington.

That is why Snohomish County partnered with Safe Kids is offering life jackets for anyone who wants them.

The life jackets are available at Martha Lake, Wyatt, Lake Goodwin Community, Lake Goodwin Wenberg, Gissberg Twin Lakes, Lake Tye, Flowing Lake parks, and at Monroe Fire Station, Fire District 26, and Fire District 28.

Getting the life jackets is easy. The parks have cabinets/lockers that are open to the public. Each cabinet has life jackets inside of them with directions for sizing. Simply find one your size and return it at the end of the day.

Similar programs are offered throughout the entire state. Here is a full list by county of where you can find a life jacket.

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